Troy Bilt LH Drag Link Part 711-1409
Troy Bilt LH Drag Link Part 711-1409

Troy Bilt LH Drag Link Part 711-1409

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Troy Bilt LH Drag Link Part 711-1409
Part Number: 14679$R
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Condition: New
Original Part Numbers: 711-1409a, 711-1409

Troy Bilt LH Drag Link Part 711-1409


Genuine OEM MTD Part for Troy Bilt

Includes 1 left hand drag link

Part Numbers: 711-1409a, 711-1409

Works with Troy Bilt Tractors: 13AD609G063, 13AG609G063, 13AJ609G766, 13AJ609G766, 13AJ609H063, 13AP609G063, 13AP60TP766, 13AP61KP011, 13AP61KP011, 13AQ609G063, 13AT609G766, 13AT609G766, 13AT609H063, 13AU609H063, 13AV609H063, 13AV60KG011, 13AV60KG011, 13AV60KG066, 13AV60KG066, 13AV60KG211, 13AV60KG211, 13AX609G063, 13AX60KH011, 13AX60KH011, 13AX60KH066, 13AX60KH066, 13AX60KH211, 13AX60KH211, 13AX60TG766, 13AX60TH711, 13AX61KG011, 13AX61KG011, 13AY609G766, 13AY609H063, 13BD609G063, 13BU609H063, 13BX609G063, 13BX60KH011, 13BX60KH211, 13BX60TG711, 13BX60TG766, 13BZ609H063, 13CD609G063, 13CD609G063, 13CU609H063, 13CX609G063, 14AA80TP711, 14AA80TP766, 14AB809H063, 14AP80TP766, 14AQ81TK766, 14AR809K063, 14AT809H766, 14AY809P063, 14AZ809H063, 14AZ809K063, 14AZ809K766, 14BV809H063

Also known as a steering link, steering drag link, connects to axle on left side

Brand New - Unused Parts


This is a new, genuine, OEM part that is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Many replacement parts should be installed only by a professional. Be safe. If you are not qualified to install this item, you may return it.

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