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Power Wheels Mustang Right Wheel Replacement Tire J4390-2289

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PowerWheels Mustang Right Wheel Replacement Tire J4390-2289


Right replacement tire for the Powerwheels Mustang. This replacement wheel fits the Power Wheels models including CDD08 Smart Drive Ford Mustang, CDD09 Smart Drive Ford Mustang, CHP08 Yellow Mustang, J9561 Blue Mustang, J9563 Canada Mustang, J4390 Red Mustang, L6349 Barbie Mustang, J9562 Pearl Mustang, J9564 Canada Mustang, P5920 Boys Mustang, P6827 Girls Mustang, P8812 Barbie Mustang, R9543 Pink Ford Mustang, W9257 Boss Mustang. Please note that this replacement tire is for the right side ONLY. The left tire is part number J4390-2279, J4390 2279. Power-Wheels part numbers J4390-2289, J4390 2289.



Does NOT Include Retainer Cap White or Black


Left Tire #J4390-2279

Fits PowerWheels Models: CDD08, CDD09, CHP08, J9561, J9563, J4390, L6349, J9562, J9564, P5920, P6827, P8812, R9543, W9257, CDD-08, CDD-09, J-9561, J-9563, J-4390, L-6349, J-9562, J-9564, P-5920, P-6827, P-8812, R-9543, W-9257

Power Wheels Part Numbers: J4390-2279, J4390 2279


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