Power Wheels Charger 00801-1778 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Charger
Power Wheels Charger 00801-1778 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Charger

Power Wheels Charger 00801-1778 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Charger

Your Price: $20.06
Power Wheels Fischer Price 00801-0972, 00801-1480 Replacement 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Charger 00801-1778
Part Number: 11144$Z
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New
Original Part Numbers: 00801-1778, 00801-2101, 00801-0972, 00801-1480, 008011778, 008012101, 008010972, 008011480
Quantity Price
2 - 3 $19.06
4 - 5 $18.05
6+ $17.05

Power Wheels Fischer Price 00801-0972, 00801-1480 Replacement 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Charger 00801-1778, 00801-2101


Replacement Power Wheels 12 volt battery charger made to fit a variety of Power-Wheels battery powered vehicles. This probe charger is designed for models that have a single grey 12 volt battery, with or without an orange top on the battery. Genuine PowerWheels replacement battery charger. Using the wrong battery or charger on your Power Wheels may cause serious damage or injury, please confirm that this is the correct part for your model before purchasing and installing. Replaces part numbers 00801-1778, 00801-2101, 00801-0972, 00801-1480, 008011778, 008012101, 008010972, 008011480.


Powerwheels Part Numbers: 00801-1778, 00801-2101, 00801-0972, 00801-1480, 008011778, 008012101, 008010972, 008011480

Fits Power Wheels Vehicles:

73180-9993 Eliminator
73210-9997 After 2-25-02 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
73218-9993 After 6-10-02 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
73530-9993 Lightning Pac
73535 Minibike
73600-9993 Before 06/24/04 Dirt Bike
73600-9997 After 06/24/04 Super Shock Dirtbike Refresh
73690-9993 Before 1/26/04 Ninja
73690-9993 After 1/26/04 Ninja
74020-9993 Jeep Wrangler
74287-9993 Police Harley
74310-9993 Chevy Silverado Truck
74370-9993 After 03/04/02 Barbie Harley Davidson Motorcycle
74526-9993 Jeep Sandblaster
74527-9993 Trail Beast
74790-9993 X-treme Machine
75597-9993 Sawblade
75598-9993 Jeep Wrangler-Limited Edition
75840-9993 Jeep Wrangler
77770-9993 Cruisin Tunes
78478-9993 Barbie Beach Ranger
B0155-9993 Fire Rescue Jeep
B1476-9993 Before 03/24/203 Chevy Silverado Truck
B1476-9997 After 03/24/2003 Chevy Silverado Truck
B1675-9993 Barbie Beach Ranger
B2222 Minibike
B2489 Barbie Beach Ranger
B3160 Harley Davidson
B3162 Barbie Dune Beetle
B7659 Jeep Wrangler
B8551 Max Steel Ninja
B9272 Kawasaki KFX Ninja
B9273 Kawasaki KFX Ninja
B9784 Girls Harley Restage
B9785 Kawasaki Adventure 4 X 4- With Trailer
BBF03 Hot Wheels Jeep
BBF04 Barbie Jammin Jeep
BCK85 Jeep Wrangler
BCK86 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle KFX
BCK89 Girls Dune Racer
BCV57 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dune Racer
BCV58 Ford F150 Purple Camo
BCV59 Dune Racer
BFY96 Barbie Corvette
BGN14 Red Jeep Rubicon
BGW46 Black Corvette
BGW47 Deluxe Corvette
BJM25 Black Ford F150
C0530 Rally Kart
C0532 GT Racer Kart
C2390 Jeep Wrangler- Restage
C7478 Kawasaki ATV
CBC58 Camo Dune Racer
CBF64 Barbie Jammin Jeep
CBG61 Hot Wheels Jeep
CBG65 Deluxe Jeep Wrangler
CBJ09 Yellow Corvette
CBJ37 Hot Wheels Jeep DTC
CBJ38 Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler
CBK89 Dune Racer
CBK90 Black Corvette
CBP84 Camo Dune Racer
CBY68 Rubicon Jeep DTC
CBY70 Tough Talkin Jeep DTC
CCG93 Arctic Cat Pink
CDD08 Smart Drive Ford Mustang
CDD09 Smart Drive Ford Mustang
CDD12 New Escalade
CDD13 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
CDD15 Porsche 911 GT3
CDD16 Chrome Dune Racer
CDD17 Dora & Friends Jeep
CDD20 Kawasaki Brute Force
CDD22 DC Super Friends Kawasaki Batman ATV
CDF53 Blue Ford F150
CDF54 Ford F150 Extreme Sport
CDF93 Orange Dune Racer
CFG09 Dune Racer Chrome
CGY61 Arctic Cat Camo
CHM44 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Jeep
CHP08 Yellow Mustang
CHP65 Barbie Jammin Jeep Deluxe
CHP66 Baja Extreme
CLD96 Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler
CLG78 Harley Cruiser
DFT87 Racing ATV
FCD17 Pink Desert Racer
FDG13 Jeep Hurricane Extreme
FFR86 Barbie Jeep
FGF73 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
FGF77 Wild Thing
FLC39 Wild Thing Blue
FLC45 Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler
Dune Racer Extreme FLM96
FNK88 Wild Thing Orange
FNK92 Jeep Rubicon
FRC33 Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler
G3740 Street Scene Silverado
G4647 Minibike
G4882 Minibike
G5107 Lightning Pac
H0436 Monster Jam Grave Digger
GNH86 BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler
H0128 City Slammin' Silverado
H0150 Barbie Volkswagen Dune New Beetle
H0436Monster Jam Grave Digger
H0438 Cadillac Escalade
H0440 Cadillac Escalade TRU
H0638 Classic Chrome Harley
H2836 Driveway Racer
H3427 Barbie Jammin Jeep
H4433 After 03/12/07 Barbie Beach Party Jeep Wrangler
H4433 After 03/12/07 Barbie Beach Party Jeep Wrangler
H4803 Jeep Wrangler- Blue
H4804 Jeep Wrangler- Blue
H4805 Jeep Wrangler
H4807 Jeep Wrangler
H4808 Classic Chrome Harley
H7332-9993 Dora Quad
H8256 Lighting McQueen 12 Volt Advanced Series Stock Car
H8256-9991 Racing Stock Car
H9800 Kawasaki KFX Ninja Extreme
J4390 Ford Mustang
J4394 (Blue) Jeep Hurricane
J4395 Jeep Hurricane
J5246 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
J5248 Kawasaki Brute Force
J8472 Kawasaki KFX Ninja
J9561 Blue Ford Mustang
J9562 Ford Mustang
J9563 Blue Ford Mustang
J9564 Ford Mustang
K0450 Kawasaki KFX Ninja
K7112 (Green) Jeep Hurricane
K4563 Dora Jeep Wrangler
K8285 Ford F-150
K9758 Diego Jeep Wrangler
K9776 (CAN) Jeep Hurricane
L2170 Arctic Cat
L6345 Nascar Dale Earnhardt Jr.
L6348 Ford F-150
L6349 Barbie Ford Mustang
L7820 Barbie Jammin Jeep
L7821 Nascar Jimmie Johnson
L7822 Nascar Jeff Gordon
L7823 Nascar Tony Stewart
L7824 Cadillac Escalade Refresh
L7825 Arctic Cat Camo
M0409 Cadillac Escalade Barbie Refresh
M0410 Cadillac Escalade TRU Refresh
M0412 Harley Cruiser
M7873 A.T. Rex
M9779 Ford F-150 Craftsman
M9780 Hybrid Cadillac Escalade
N0457 A.T. Rex
N1475 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
N1476 Jeep Rubicon
N2273 Monster Traction Jeep Hurricane
N3089 Jeep Rubicon
N8417 Cadillac Escalade
N9731 Kawasaki Brute Force
P2896 Smart Car
P4266 Stinger
P5066 Barbie KFX Ninja
P5920 PW Mustang
P6533 Dune Racer, Pink
P6827 Girls Ford Mustang
P7298 Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler
P8812 Barbie Mustang
P8814 Arctic Cat
P9723 KFX Red Ninja
R3142 Kawasaki KFX with Monster Traction
R8126 Kawasaki Brute Force
R8548 Kawasaki Brute Force Camo (Bass Pro)
T3264 Jeep Hurricane
T4871 Barbie Jammin Jeep
T4872 KFX Red Ninja
T5407 Barbie Smart Car
T6137 Dora 10th Wrangler
T6138 Tough Talking Jeep
T6991 Ford F-150
T7298 Tough Talking Jeep
T8396 12-V Barbie Jammin Jeep
V2503 Barbie Jammin Jeep
W0029 Ford F-150
W0030 Ford F-150
W1070 Ford F-150
W1652 Barbie Jammin Jeep
W1866 Barbie Jammin Jeep
W2602 Dune Racer
W6204 HW Dune Racer
W4473 Barbie Jammin' Jeep
W4715 Barbie KFX
W4716 Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX
W5540 KFX
W6201 HW Dune Racer
W6203 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
W6205 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
W6211 Hot Wheels KFX
W6213 Kawasaki KFX
W9257 Boss Mustang
W9417 Hybrid Cadillac Escalade
W9418 Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler
X3416 Kawasaki KFX
X3418 Barbie Jammin Jeep
X3419 Purple Escalade
X6218 Red Corvette
X6639 Blue Corvette
X6641 Kawasaki KFX
X6642 Barbie Jammin Jeep
X6645 Jeep Hurricane


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