MTD 21
MTD 21' Mulching Blade 490-100-M08

MTD 21" Mulching Blade 490-100-M08

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MTD 21" Mulching Blade 490-100-M08
Part Number: 20009$A
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Original Part Numbers: 490-100-M08

MTD Lawn Mower 21" Mulching Blade Replacement 942-0741


Replacement 21 inch mulching blade for lawn mowers. 21" mulching blade works with MTD models listed. MTD replacement part numbers 942-0741, 942-0741, 01002810, 942-0741, 1901900, 742-0741.


Fits some MTD Lawn Mower Models: 115-410A000, 115-410A084, 115-410A147, 115-410A372, 115-411A033, 115-412A129, 115-412A134, 115-413A000, 115-414A302, 115-418C129, 115-418C134, 115-423A382, 115-424A033, 115-425A000, 115-426F372, 115-428C000, 115-428C023, 115-428C141, 115-808C000, 116-410A084, 116-411A033, 116-412A129, 116-413A304, 116-414A302, 116-418C129, 116-424A033, 116-424A733, 116-424C372, 116-428C141, 11A-418A300, 11A-418C033, 11A-41MB006, 11A-425G033, 11A-429B033, 11A-435E300, 11A-439R004, 11A-439S204, 11A-439W300, 11A-439W722, 11A-542Q, 11A-544B004, 11A-544K204, 11A-549P118, 11A-549W300, 11A-54M9006, 11A-54MC006, 11B-413A033, 124-848C000, 125-148C000, 12A-378N033, 12A-378N733, 12A-379B033, 12A-458C033, 12A-469B033, 12A-469R004, 12A-469S204, 12A-469W722, 12A-568Q118, 12A-989Q795, 12AV569R004, 12AV569S204

Replaces MTD Part Numbers: 942-0741, 942-0741, 01002810, 942-0741, 1901900, 742-0741


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