Humidifier Filter for Kaz WF-813 (12 Pack)
Humidifier Filter for Kaz WF-813 (12 Pack)

Humidifier Filter for Kaz WF-813 (12 Pack)

Your Price: $27.29
12 Kaz WF-813, AC-813 Humidifier Filters Wick
Part Number: 12365x6$B
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New
Original Part Numbers: WF813, AC813, WF-813, AC-813

12 Humidifier Filters for Kaz WF813, AC-813 New Replacement Filter Pad


Brand New - Unused Filters

High Quality Humidifier Filter Made to Replace Kaz Humidifier Filter Number WF813, AC813, WF-813, AC-813

High Output Honeycomb Wicking Filter

Traps Mineral Deposits for a Clean & Natural Humidification

Dimensions: 5 15/16" Length x 3 15/16" Width x 1 7/16" Height

Top Quality, Generic Aftermarket Part – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Includes 12 Replacement Wick Humidifier Filters


This part is a top quality, generic aftermarket replacement part. Fit and function are guaranteed for 30 days or your money back. Any reference to brand or model numbers is intended for identification purposes only. This product does not include any warranty from the manufacturer.

Many replacement parts should only be installed by a professional. Be safe. If you are not qualified to install this item, you may return it.


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