GE Dryer Lint Screen Replaces 349639  Compatible Dryer Lint Filter
GE Dryer Lint Screen Replaces 349639 Compatible Dryer Lint Filter

GE Dryer Lint Screen Replaces 349639 Compatible Dryer Lint Filter

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General Electric Clothes Dryer GGSC430N-51, GGSC431N-51 Replacement Aftermarket Dryer Lint Filter
Part Number: 11476$T
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Condition: New
Original Part Numbers: 349639, ER349639, AP2910873, 786054, DE525, 693845, 3387332

General Electric Clothes Dryer GGSC430N-51, GGSC431N-51 Replacement Aftermarket Dryer Lint Filter


Over time, your dryer lint filter will become worn out and torn, making it so it can't work as well as it used to. Replacing the lint trap filter screen on your clothes dryer can help not only reduce your energy bills, but also helps dryers last longer. This dryer screen fits a variety of different makes and models of dryers from brands including Amana, Estate, Frigidaire, General Electric, GE, for Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Roper, Sears, Whirlpool. Measures approximately 21" long by 7 1/8" wide. Please note that this dryer lint filter is an aftermarket part made to fit the makes and models of clothes dryers listed. If your clothes dryer model is not listed, use part numbers to determine if this dryer lint screen will fit your dryer. Replaces part numbers 349639, ER349639, AP2910873, 786054, DE525, 693845, 3387332.


Dimensions: 21" x 7 1/8"



Amana Models: 7P2MY, LE7101LB, LE7101WB, LE7111LB, LE8107L2, LE8107W2, LE8207L2, LE8207W3, LE9207W, LEA10AW, LEA30AL, LEA30AW, LEA50AL, LEC80AW, LEC90AW, led20aw, LED250, LED450, LEM437W, LEM547L

Estate Models: TEDS680BN0, TEDS680BN1, TEDS680BN2, TEDS680BQ1, TEDS680BQ2, TEDS680BW0, TEDS680BW1, TEDS680BW2, TEDS680DQ0, TEDS680DQ1, TEDS680EQ0, TEDS680EQ1, TEDS680EQ2, TEDS740JQ0, TEDS740JQ1, TEDS740JQ2, TEDS780JQ0, TEDS840JQ0, TEDS840JQ1, TEDS840JQ2, TEDS840JQ3, TGDS680BN0, TGDS680BN1, TGDS680BN2, TGDS680BQ1, TGDS680BQ2, TGDS680BW0, TGDS680BW1, TGDS680BW2, TGDS680DQ0, TGDS680DQ1, TGDS680EQ0, TGDS680EQ1, TGDS680EQ2, TGDS680EQ3, TGDS740JQ0, TGDS740JQ1, TGDS740JQ2, TGDS780JQ0, TGDS780JQ1, TGDS840JQ0, TGDS840JQ1, TGDS840JQ2

Frigid Aire Models: GF201HXF0, GF201HXF1, KF100HDD1, KF100HDH1, KF100HDW1, KF200GDD1, KF201HDD1, KF201HDD4

General Electric (GE) Models: GGSC430N-51, GGSC431N-51

for Kenmore Sears Models: 10686294140, 10686294340, 10686294540, 10686294740, 10686294840, 11086294110, 11086294120, 11086294130, 11086294140, 11086294150, 11086294310, 11086294320, 11086294330, 11086294340, 11086294350, 11086294500, 11086294510, 11086294520, 11086294530, 11086294540, 11086294550, 11086294710, 11086294720, 11086294730, 11086294740, 11086294750, 11086294810, 11086294820, 11086294830, 11086294840, 11086294850, 11086694100, 11086694110, 11086694120, 11086694300, 11086694310, 11086694320, 11086694500, 11086694510, 11086694520, 11086694700, 11086694710, 11086694720, 11086694800, 11086694810, 11086694820, 11087294130, 11087294140, 11087294150, 11087294330, 11087294340, 11087294350, 11087294530, 11087294540, 11087294550, 11087294730, 11087294740, 11087294750, 11087294830, 11087294840, 11087294850, 11087694100, 11087694300, 11087694500, 11087694700, 11087694800, 11096694700, 11096694800

Kitchen Aid Models: JG4ST700GQ0, JG4ST700GZ0, KEYE77BWH2, KGYE77BWH1, YKEYE677BW2

Maytag Models: CEL1110AAH, CELW861, CGHW821, CGR3740ADH

Roper Models: REK2950KQ0, REK2950KQ1, REK2950KQ2, RES7646JQ0, RES7646KQ0, RES7646KQ1, RES7646KQ2, RES7646KQ3, RES7648EN0, RES7648EN1, RES7648EN2, RES7648EQ0, RES7648EQ2, RES7648EW0, RES7648EW1, RES7648EW2, RES7648JQ0, RES7648KQ0, RES7648KQ1, REX5636AL1, REX5636AL2, REX5636AW0, REX5636AW1, REX5636AW2, REX6646AL1, REX6646AL2, REX6646AL3, REX6646AQ2, REX6646AQ3, REX6646AW0, REX6646AW1, REX6646AW2, REX6646AW3, RGK2951KQ0, RGK2951KQ1, RGK2951KQ2, RGS7646JQ0, RGS7646JQ1, RGS7646KQ1, RGS7646KQ2, RGS7646KQ3, RGS7648EN0, RGS7648EN2, RGS7648EN3, RGS7648EQ0, RGS7648EQ2, RGS7648EQ3, RGS7648EW0, RGS7648EW2, RGS7648EW3, RGS7648JQ0, RGS7648JQ1, RGS7648KQ1, RGS7648KQ2, RGX5636AL1, RGX5636AL2, RGX5636AW0, RGX5636AW1, RGX5636AW2, RGX6646AL1, RGX6646AL2, RGX6646AL3, RGX6646AQ2, RGX6646AQ3, RGX6646AW0, RGX6646AW1, RGX6646AW2, RGX6646AW3, YRES7645KQ1


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