Frigidaire Replaces AP3131939 Dryer Cycling Thermostat Replacement
Frigidaire Replaces AP3131939 Dryer Cycling Thermostat Replacement

Frigidaire Replaces AP3131939 Dryer Cycling Thermostat Replacement

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Frigidaire Clothes Dryer Cycling Thermostat Replacement Aftermarket Dryer Thermostat AP3131939
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Original Part Numbers: 3387134, NP3387134, AP3131939, PS344510, ET187, 3387139, 3387135, 400-193215
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for Frigidaire Clothes Dryer Cycling Thermostat Replacement Dryer Thermostat AP3131939


Replacement dryer thermostat made to fit a variety of makes and models of electric dryers. This dryer control thermostat fits clothes dryer models from brands including Amana, Frigid Aire, General Electric, GE, Maytag, for Frigidaire. May also fit other makes and models of clothes dryers. Dryer cycling thermostat with internal bias heater. Opens at 155F, closes at 130F. Please note that this dryer thermostat is an aftermarket part made to fit the clothes dryer models listed. If your Frigidair dryer model number is not listed, use part numbers to determine if this thermostat will fit your Frigid-Aire clothes dryer. Replaces part numbers 3387134, AP3131939, PS344510, ET187, 3387139, 3387135.



Amana Models: BZ20QL, BZ20QW, CE3402L, CE3402W, LE9012, LE9107W, LE9207L2, LE9207W, LE9207W2, LEC80AW, LEC90AW, LED20AW, LED250, LED450, LEM447W

for Frigidaire Models: GEF322BBDC, GEF322BBWA, GF201HXF0, GF201HXF1, GGF322BBDC, GGF322BBDE, KF100HDH1, KF100HDW1, KF201HDD1, KF201HDD4

General Electric (GE) Models: GCG1000-02, GCG1000-03, GGSC430N-51, GGSC431N-51

Maytag Models: 1DNET3205TQ0, 7MMEP0080WW0, 7MMEP0080WW1, 7MMGD6630TM0, 7MMGD6630TM1, 7MMGD6630TQ0, 7MMGD6630TQ1, 7MMGP0030VQ0, 7MMGP0035WQ0, 7MMGP0070VM0, 7MMGP0075WW0, 7MNGH8000TQ0, 7MNGH8000TT0, AED4370TQ0, AED4470TQ0, AED4475TQ0, AED4475TQ1, AGD4370TQ0, AGD4470TQ0, AGD4475TQ0, AGD4475TQ1, HED4300TQ0, HED4400TQ0, HGD4300TQ0, HGD4400TQ0, MED5570TQ0, MED5591TQ0, MED5600TQ0, MED5600TQ1, MED5620TQ0, MED5620TQ1, MED5621TQ0, MED5630TQ0, MED5630TQ1, MED5640TQ0, MED5640TQ1, MEDC400VW0, MET3800TW0, MET3800TW1, MET3800TW2, MGD5570TQ0, MGD5570TQ1, MGD5591TQ0, MGD5600TQ0, MGD5600TQ1, MGD5620TQ0, MGD5620TQ1, MGD5621TQ0, MGD5630TQ0, MGD5630TQ1, MGD5640TQ0, MGD5640TQ1, MGDC100WQ0, MGDC400VW0, MGT3800TW0, MGT3800TW1, MGT3800TW2, NED4500TQ0, NED4500VQ0, NED4800VQ0, NED4800VQ1, NED5100TQ0, NED5100TQ1, NED5200TQ0, NED5240TQ0, NED5400TQ0, NED5500TQ0, NGD4500VQ0, NGD4800VQ0, NGD4800VQ1, NGD5100TQ0, NGD5100TQ1, NGD5200TQ0, NGD5240TQ0, NGD5400TQ0, NGD5500TQ0, YAED4370TQ0, YAED4470TQ0, YAED4475TQ1, YHED4300TQ0, YMED5600TQ0, YMED5600TQ1, YMED5620TQ0, YMED5620TQ1, YMED5640TQ0, YMEDC400VW0, YMET3800TW0, YMET3800TW1, YMET3800TW2, YNED4500VQ0, YNED4800VQ0, YNED4800VQ1, YNED5200TQ0, YNED5500TQ0

Replaces Part Numbers: 3387134, AP3131939, PS344510, ET187, 3387139, 3387135



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