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We are able to offer some amazing savings on some products that are available factory serviced. Factory serviced items have been returned to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons including: returns from the retail store of unused and unsold units, items with a cosmetic blemish, demonstration units, and items with slight defects. In addition, new items that are overstocks are labeled factory serviced.

In all instances, the product is shipped to the factory, inspected, restored to original factory specifications if required, tested and repackaged. These products cannot be sold as new, so they are considered "factory serviced". Some Factory Serviced Units may have cosmetic blemishes but are guaranteed to be in operating condition. If an item is factory serviced, then it will be clearly labeled in the listing. These items may also be referred to as Factory Serviced, Factory Reconditioned, Factory Refurbished, Factory Remanufactured.

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