Arnold OEM-738-04124 MTD Parts Shear Pins Genuine
Arnold OEM-738-04124 MTD Parts Shear Pins Genuine

Arnold OEM-738-04124 MTD Parts Shear Pins Genuine

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Arnold OEM-738-04124 MTD Parts Shear Pins Genuine
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Condition: New
Original Part Numbers: OEM-738-04124, 738-04124, 738-04124A

Arnold OEM-738-04124 MTD Parts Shear Pins Genuine


Genuine OEM MTD Part

Fits two-stage snow throwers with 3/4" auger shaft (2005 and newer) including models: 31AH56TS713, 31AH57KZ597, 31AH6ZFH500, 31AH6ZK4597, 31AH66KF515, 31AH7ZK5596, 31AH77KY597, 31AH8ESJ596, 31AM5BTR596, 31AM5CPG599, 31AH6FFG516, 31AH6KQ4766, 31AH6MLH501, 31AH6WFF529, 31AH6ZK4590, 31AH62EE000, 31AH63N2711, 31AH65KH515, 31AH7L3G701, 31AM5BQ2563, 31AH55TF599, 31AH57KY597, 31AH6LKH722, 31AH6WFG790, 31AH6ZFH529, 31AH62EE700, 31AH64CG500, 31AH8EVT897, 31AM33BE515, 31AH55TG599, 31AH57KX597, 31AH6DKH515, 31AH6KLG501, 31AH6LLH801, 31AH7DR5309, 31AH7FST596, 31AH75KU596, 31AM5CK3897, 31AH57TH599, 31AH6BHE790, 31AH6GLF565, 31AH6GLF790, 31AH6ZFH700, 31AH6ZLG704, 31AH74KG504, 31AH8ESJ599, 31AH6FFG500, 31AH6ZFH729, 31AH64FG500, 31AH65FH729, 31AH74KG506, 31AH8ESS596, 31AH8EVT596, 31AM5BKE501, 31AM5CP2563, 31AH57SU596, 31AH6DQ3563, 31AH6LLG790, 31AH6NKG504, 31AH6WK3590, 31AH6WK3597, 31AH63N2011, 31AH7DVN596, 31AH7DVN897, 31AH75R5309, 31AH8EVS897, 31AH55TH599, 31AH6WQ4766, 31AH6ZKH515, 31AH7N75563, 31AH7ZLG501, 31AH8DSH793, 31AH8EST596, 31AH8EVS596, 31AH8EVS710, 31AH57SX596, 31AH57SZ596, 31AH6DKH516, 31AH6WFF500, 31AH64FF500, 31AH64FF529, 31AH65CG500, 31AH7L3T315, 31AH7S3G701, 31AH77SY596, 31AH77SZ596, 31AM32AD500, 31AH55TU330, 31AH55TU596, 31AH55TU709, 31AH57SY596, 31AH6DFH783, 31AH6DLE596, 31AH6GLF501, 31AH6KQ4711, 31AH6WK3596, 31AH64EG701, 31AH65FH500, 31AH6DKH500, 31AH6WKF515, 31AH6WQ4711, 31AH6ZHG500, 31AH6ZKG500, 31AH64KF515, 31AH7S7H710, 31AM32AD599, 31AM32AD799, 31AM32BD599, 31AH6WTS710, 31AH6ZK4596, 31AH64FG529, 31AH65KG500, 31AH65KH500, 31AH7L74766, 31AH74ST596

MTD Part Numbers: OEM-738-04124, 738-04124, 738-04124A

Shear Pin Measures 1/4" x 1 1/2 "

Brand New - Unused Parts


This is a new, genuine, OEM part that is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Many replacement parts should be installed only by a professional. Be safe. If you are not qualified to install this item, you may return it.


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