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AYP 418168 Axle Kit Wheel Spindles 3366R 192757 169839 169840

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Sears Craftsman Axle and Wheel Spindle Combo 418168 169839 169840


Genuine OEM AYP Parts

Includes 1 axle weldment assembly, 1 left hand spindle, 1 right hand spindle, 1 tie rod, 4 bearings, and 2 drag link bushings

Fits select Sears Craftsman lawn tractors and ride mowers (please use part numbers to determine fit)

Weldment front axle measures 22.375" long

Axle part numbers: 418168, 175131, 154427

Axle spindles connect the front wheels to the front axle

LH axle spindle part numbers: 169840, 532169840

RH axle spindle part numbers: 169839, 532169839

Tie rod keeps front wheels aligned

Tie rod part numbers: 192757, 532192757

Bearings fit into axle for spindles

Bearing part numbers: 3366r, 532003366

Drag link bushings allow the tie rod to pivot smoothly

Bushings made by Oregon (45-128) to replace discontinued AYP part number: 126847x

Brand New - Unused Parts


This is a new, genuine, OEM part that is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Many replacement parts should be installed only by a professional. Be safe. If you are not qualified to install this item, you may return it.

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