91PXL062G Oregon Chainsaw Chain for Poulan Craftsman

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Oregon 91PX062G Chainsaw Chain - Genuine Oregon
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Original Part Numbers: 91PX062G, 91PXL062G
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Diameter: Chainsaw Parts/Oregon
Height: 91PXL062G_b
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Oregon 91PX062G Chainsaw Chain - Genuine Oregon


Part Numbers: 91PX062G, 91PXL062G

Includes one chainsaw chain

Measurements: 3/8" Pitch, 0.050 gauge, 62 link

Low kickback chain

Ramp shaped depth gauges, twin cutting corners

Chamfer Chisel


Use this chainsaw chain in select chainsaws from brands like Poulan, Craftsman, Echo, John Deere, Husky, and many more. This Oregon chainsaw chain is a high quality, low kickback chain with ramp shaped depth gauges. The chamfer chisel cutters will provide outstanding performance and durability, and bumper tie straps with slots help with the low-kickback performance. Tie straps help to keep oil on the chain and oil holes help to carry the oil around the guide bar groove. Please use the measurements and part numbers to confirm fit.


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