791-181468B Ryobi Bump Head Knob
791-181468B Ryobi Bump Head Knob

791-181468B Ryobi Bump Head Knob

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791-181468B Ryobi Bump Head Knob
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Original Part Numbers: 791-181468B, 791-181468, 181468

791-181468B Ryobi Bump Head Knob


Replacement bump knob head for select lawn trimmers and handheld trimmers. Head bump knob works with lawn trimmer models MTD, Troy-Bilt, Ryobi, Craftsman, Bolens, Yard Man. This replacement part attaches to the cap of the spool on a gas-powered line trimmer making it easier to feed additional line. MTD replacement part numbers 791-181468B, 791-181468, 181468.


Fits Bolens lawn trimmer models: BL26SS 41AD26SC965

Fits Roybi trimmers:

705r, 41AD705G034
705r, 41AD705G734
705r, 41BD705G034
705r, 41BD705G734
705r, 41CD705G034
725r, 41AD725A034
725r, 41AD725A734
725r, 41AD725B034
725r, 41AD725C034
725r, 41ADL04A034
725r, 41ADL04A734
725r, 41BD725A034
725r, 41BD725A734
725r, 41BD725B034
725r, 41BD725C034
725r, 41BDL04A034
725r, 41CD725A034
725r, 41CD725B034
725r, 41CD725C034
725r, 41DD725A034
725r, 41ED725A034
725rE, 41AD2REC034
725rE, 41AD7CRC034
725rE, 41BD2REC034
725rE, 41BD7CRC034
725rE, 41CD2REC034
725rE, 41CD7CRC034
767r, 41AD767G034
767r, 41BD767G034
767r, 41CD767G034
767rJ, 41DD76JG034
767rJ, 41ED76JG034
775r, 41AD775A034
775r, 41AD775A734
775r, 41AD775B034
775r, 41ADL05A034
775r, 41ADL05A734
775r, 41BD775A034
775r, 41BD775A734
775r, 41BD775B034
775r, 41BDL05A034
775r, 41CD775A034
775r, 41CD775B034
775r, 41DD775A034
775r, 41ED775A034
775r, 41FD775A034
825r, 41AD825A034
825r, 41CD825A034
875r, 41AD875A034
875r, 41AD875A734
875r, 41BD875A034
875r, 41CD875A034
890r, 41CD890A034
SS725r, 41AJSS-A034
SS725r, 41AJSS-B034
105R, 512000001-707000000
105R, 707000001
132R, 512000001-611000000
132R, 611000001
2075R, 802116043
975R, 611000001
825RA, 41CD825C038
975R, 512000001
SS725R, 511000001
825r, 41AD825A734

Replaces Part Numbers: 791-181468B, 791-181468, 181468


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