(10) 714-04040 Cub Cadet Snowblower Cotter Pins
(10) 714-04040 Cub Cadet Snowblower Cotter Pins

(10) 714-04040 Cub Cadet Snowblower Cotter Pins

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(10) 714-04040 Cub Cadet Snowblower Cotter Pins
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Original Part Numbers: 714-04040, 71404040
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(10) 714-04040 Cub Cadet Snowblower Cotter Pins


Genuine, OEM, MTD product for Cub Cadet

Part Numbers: 714-04040, 71404040

Includes 10 cotter pins

Fits select Cub Cadet snowblowers and lawn mowers

Brand New - Unused Parts


Use this set of 10 replacement bow tie cotter pins in a variety of snow blowers and snow throwers. They may also fit some riding lawn mowers or lawn tractors. Cotter pin is shaped like a bow tie, pin is used to secure a shear bolt in position.

Fits Cub Cadet Models:

530SWE , 31BH55TU710, 31AH55TU756, 31AH55TU709
930SWE , 31BH95SU710, 31AH95SU756
945SWE , 31BH97SW710, 31AH97SW756
31AH55SY , 31AH55SY710
31AH57SZ , 31AH57SZ710
524SWE , 31BM53TR710, 31BM53TR709, 31AM53TR756
524WE , 31AM63TR710
524WE , 31AM63TR710
526SWE , 31BH54TS710, 31AH54TS756
528SWE , 31BH54TT710, 31BH54TT709, 31AH54TT756
530SWE , 31BH55TU710, 31AH55TU709, 31AH55TU756
CC30 , 13A226JD010
GT1054 , 14WK94AK009, 14AK94AK056, 14WK94AK056
LTX1040 , 13AX90AR010, 13AX90AR009, 13AX90AR056, 13AX90AR256, 13RX90AR056
LTX1040 , 13AX90AS010, 13RX90AS056, 13AX90AS009, 13WX90AS010, 13WX90AS009
LTX1040 , 13WX90AS010, 13WX90AS009, 13WX90AS056, 13WX90AS256, 13AX90AS256
LTX1042KH , 13AP91AS010, 13AP91AS056

LTX1046KW , 13WF93AT010
LTX1046VT , 13VR91AT010, 13WR91AT010, 13VR91AT009, 13WR91AT009
LTX1050KW , 13WI93AP010
LTX1050VT , 13VR91AP010, 13WR91AP010, 13VR91AP009, 13WR91AP009
RZT-L54KH , 17ARCACA010, 17ARCACA009, 17ARCACA210
RZT-S42 , 17AFCBDS010, 17AFCBDS056, 17WFCBDS010, 17WFCBDS056
RZT-S46 , 17WRCBDT010, 17ARCBDT056
RZT-S50 , 17WF2BDP010, 17WF2BDP056
RZT42 , 17AE2ACG010
RZT54 , 17AI2ACK010, 17AI2ACK056, 17WI2ACK056, 17WI2ACK010
XT2-GX54 , 14AHA3CA010, 14WHA3CA010
XT2-LX42 , 13AGA1CS010, 13WGA1CS010
Z-Force LZ60 , 17AIDAGD, 17AIDAGD010


This is a new, genuine, OEM part that is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Many replacement parts should be installed only by a professional. Be safe. If you are not qualified to install this item, you may return it.

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