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Kenmore Dishwasher Upper Rack Adjuster Replacement W10350376 Sears

Kenmore Dishwasher Upper Rack Adjuster Replacement W10350376 Sears

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Dishwasher Upper Rack Adjuster Replacement Part W10350376 for Kenmore Sears


Dishwasher replacement rack adjuster assembly for Kenmore Sears is the new and improved stainless steel version designed to replace and last longer than the old cheaper plastic version. Includes both roller wheels. Can be used on both right and left sides. Recommended to replace both at the same time. Works with models listed below. Replaces part numbers W10350376, W10253546, AP5272176.

For Kenmore Sears Dishwasher Models: 66513262K110, 66513263K110, 66513269K110, 66513282K110, 66513283K110, 66513289K110, 66513292K110, 66513293K110, 66513299K110, 66513942K010, 66513942K011, 66513942K012, 66513942K013, 66513943K010, 66513943K011, 66513943K012, 66513943K013, 66513944K010, 66513944K011, 66513944K012, 66513944K013, 66513949K010, 66513949K011, 66513949K012, 66513949K013, 66513962K010, 66513962K011, 66513962K012, 66513962K013, 66513963K010, 66513963K011, 66513963K012, 66513963K013, 66513964K010, 66513964K011, 66513964K012, 66513964K013, 66513966K010, 66513966K012, 66513966K013, 66513969K010, 66513969K011, 66513969K012, 66513969K013, 66513972K010, 66513972K012, 66513972K013, 66513973K010, 66513973K012, 66513973K013, 66513979K010, 66513979K012, 66513979K013, 66514043K010, 66514052K010, 66514052K012, 66514053K010, 66514053K012, 66514059K010, 66514059K012, 66514062K010, 66514062K012, 66514063K010, 66514063K012, 66514069K010, 66514069K012, 66515042K110, 66515043K110, 66515049K110

Replaces Part Numbers: W10350376, W10253546, AP5272176





Original Part Numbers:

W10350376, W10253546, AP5272176

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